“I think Alchemy has the same creative process as designing. When a base, or common, metal such as lead was found, it was thought to simply be a spiritually and physically immature form of higher metals such as gold.

Like where you have a visualization, you have the alchemy part of it, and have the satisfaction of seeing your creation become a reality”


Sibilla Santucci is an Italian contemporary jewellery designer and maker based between Florence and Berlin. A native of Florence, Sibillia graduated from the Polimoda Fashion & Design Institute, later specializing in Contemporary Jewellery at Alchimia Jewellery School.

She combines her traditional and classical background influenced by the mythological universe in her works, which she revisits with a contemporary style. Her inspiration from alchemy, art,  architecture and esotericism is evident in her minimal and geometric designs.

In alchemy, it was believed that base metals such as copper and lead were simply spiritually and physically immature forms of higher metals such as gold and silver. Fascinated with esotericism, Sibilla believes that alchemy shares the same creative process with design; the ability to transform raw materials to a higher state.

“When have a visualization, you give birth to the alchemical process, and have the satisfaction of seeing your creation become a reality”

Sibilla’s pieces are all handmade, unique and limited editions, realised in metals such as silver, gold, and copper with precious and semi precious stones.


2004 Foundation course at Polimoda fashion & design Institute, Florence, Italy
2005-2008 Graduation at Polimoda fashion & design Institute, Florence, Italy
2011 Jewellery design course at Metallo nobile, Florence Italy
2011 Rhinoceros 3D course base level at Le arti orafe school, Florence Italy
2012-2014 Alchimia contemporary Jewellery school Florence, Italy


2020  Exhibition Curated by Charles Simmonds, AA Collected, Berlin, Germany 

2020  Exhibition Curated by Lacy Barry, AA Collected, Berlin, Germany 

2020  Exhibition during Berlin Fashion Week, AA Collected, Berlin, Germany

2019 Artistar Jewels exhibition, Palazzo Bovara, Milan, Italy

2018 filigree workshop with Susanne Matsche' at  Coop Gold, berlin, Berlin, Germany
2017 workshop with Giampaolo Babetto,  at Alchimia, Florence Italy
2015 enamel workshop, Coop Gold, Berlin, Germany
2014 Final Exhibition Alchimia, Florence, Italy
2014 Textile techniques for jewellery with Doris Maninger at Alchimia, Florence Italy
2014 Wax and casting process with Peter Bauhuis, Munich, Germany
2014 Brooches mechanism with Daniela Malev at Alchimia Florence Italy
2014 exhibitions at Melting Point, Valencia, Spain.
2013 Anticlastic forming with Benjamin Storch at Alchimia Florence Italy
2013 Painting with enamels: Limoges paintings on jewellery with Jamie Bennet at Alchimia Florence Italy
2013 exhibition at Joya (Alchimia Stand), Barcelona, Spain.
2013 Final exhibition Alchimia, Florence, Italy.

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