"TRUNK OF MARS ", 2014

Enamelled copper brooch

Unique piece

This is a piece of jewelry with an organic shape made of enamelled copper, enhanced by warm colours that recall the natural elements such as fire wood and earth.

This creation was made and modelled according to the Anticlastic forming technique: directly with a hammer transforming a flat piece of metal into a flowing form, free from any constraints, dynamic and strong.

It can be used as a contemporary object or as a brooch.

" ANTARES' LEAF ", 2012

Copper brooch

Unique piece



Silver object

Unique piece

This biomorphic piece with an abstract and irregular shape refers to and recalls organic elements of a part of the human body, such as the fingers. It is made of pure silver and formed by circular segments mutually connected. The title fingers of Pleiadian is inspired by the Pleiadians, imaginary humanoid aliens which come from the star systems around the stars of the Pleiades constellation. It can be used as a large pendant or a contemporary object.


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